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Manager, Workforce Planning and Analytics

| Posted 21-06-2022

Philadelphia (Construction)


Position Summary:

This role works with company executives and human resources to ensure the company employs the right amount of people who have the skills the company needs. This role assists in addressing workforce issues within the company in addition to predicting future problems the company may face. The manager works to align the company’s business plans with its workforce. Creating system-wide harmonization in operational expectations, process, and performance. Driver for process improvement and implementation.


Workforce Planning:

  • Forecast staffing needs for all markets and follow-up daily progress and status
  • Identify and manage issues and gaps in recruiting, incorporating strategic methods in planning and execution to ensure support for on-going operational efficiencies and improvements
  • Inform and monitor attendance and scheduling of onboarding and training to ensure continuous improvements
  • Interview field operations candidates
  • Establish key relationships across multiple departments and levels of an organization
  • Follow-up on skill development through training programs
  • Maintain staffing and headcount records and develop hiring plans for long/short range planning
  • Creation of reports to reflect production volumes to align with future and current needs, staffing plans
  • Develop workforce strategies that identify the roles and skills required to deliver the current program of works and emerging and future workforce needs and deliver and manage an implementation plan
  • Providing high-level strategic advice to decision makers, cross-departmental coordination
  • Translate workforce data into a format tailored to the appropriate audience providing actionable insights and initiatives which meet business outcomes, and communicate findings to executives on periodic/quarterly/annual basis

Continuous Improvement/Analytics:

  • Manage the analysis of workforce and operational metrics to optimize labor
  • Use data analytics to develop reporting and visualizations which reflect changes and trends
  • Identify and define best practices and develop and implement processes to expand network wide
  • Efficient data collection methods and processes
  • Distinguish and produce operational improvement activity across the business by employing process improvement methodologies and the application of innovative thinking
  • Construct initiatives and ownership to implement improvements based on business data and change to evolve business methods and goals
  • Team with other inter-departmental leaders and members to support expansion based on processes, quality, performance, and network developments
  • Monitor project KPIs to ensure on-time delivery and/or foresee and identify issues to proactively report and employ solutions to continue workflow process
  • MBA or related Business higher-level degree
  • Excellent communication, technological and understanding skills
  • Ability to lead multiple facets of an organization
  • Ability to create and execute new ideas and processes
  • Experienced in team leading, process improvement, implementing framework
  • 3-5 years leadership experience with medium to large groups of employees
  • Project management, prioritization, planning skills and experience
  • Attention to details in day-to-day and long-term activities
  • Experienced in Business products such as Sales Force and Site Capture
  • Knowledge of ISO and techniques to incorporate into the organization